My Thanksgiving Packing Guide

Thanksgiving is officially less than one week away! Like most others, I cannot believe how fast this fall has been flying by. As much as I am a summer girl at heart, I do love transitioning my closet for fall. I am flying out to my grandparents bed and breakfast lodge in North Carolina for Thanksgiving and am so excited to indulge in the cool weather, mountain views, and spend time with my NC family. For this trip I have limited my self to only packing a carry-on suitcase because this trip is only for four days. I have to keep repeating to myself, “you can do it, you can do it” because if you know me personally, and have witnessed my indecisive-ness when it comes to what to pack for a trip, the size of my suitcases can get a bit out of hand. Just a bit….

So, for this thanksgiving get-away I am sharing what I will be packing and wearing to stomp around nature town pretending I am not freezing in weather less than 70 degrees while all the while hiding the food baby that is to come.

Thanksgiving Collection-2

  1. Pajama Chic
    What more do you want than comfort when spending time gathered around the kitchen island snacking and sipping with family? The pajama trend has got us covered friends. It combines comfort with class. The pajama trend has been going strong for quite some time now, and I am going to ride this one out for as long as I can. I originally fell in love with a set from Zimmermann, but wasn’t quite ready to break out the big bucks for a trendy item. I just so happened to run across this set from Zara and instantly pulled out my card to order it online. It is the perfect color scheme for fall, will go perfect with a black boot, and you can always separate these items and wear the top with your favorite jeans or the bottoms with your coziest slouchy black sweater (I have the perfect one for you below! Keep scrolling)


2. Elevated Sweats 
Again, comfort is my number one request when it comes to what to pack for thanksgiving. But gaining comfort doesn’t mean losing style. A monochromatic sweat outfit will suit you for any and all thanksgiving activities. Planning on staying in doors and bonding with family over board games and apple cider? Perfect, you’ve already got your cozies on. Planning on taking a brisk walk down the neighborhood to enjoy the weather and lose a bit of the bloat? Perfect outfit combo as well! Choose rich textures, paired with monochromatic or same-family colors to pull off more of a put-together look. A little off the shoulder action never hurt anyone, and this Free People sweater is on sale right now!

3. Fall weather accessories, or should I say necessities

a. A multi-way scarf is a must in any fall closet. With one scarf you can make so many different outfit combinations, totally cutting down on the amount you need to pack. This multi-position scarf is just too cool. I love that it has actual sleeves for you to put your arms through!
b. I always like to take a tumbler with me when I travel, because it is so easy to get dehydrated when flying and when traveling in general. My trick is to choose a canister that makes you want to chug. This Ban.Do glass water bottle is my favorite! (also perfect for a stocking stuffer or gift for the upcoming holidays!)
c. For shorter trips, try to limit yourself to two handbags to save on space in your suitcase. One large tote (Mary Poppins bag is what I call mine because it is one big black hole) and one cross body will usually do the trick. Carry the large tote on the plane with you as your personal item and tuck the smaller cross body away in your suitcase.
d. Jewelry is the one thing I despise packing. I am always scared my necklaces will tangle or my earrings or rings will get lost because they are so small. To make life easier, I try to pack jewelry that I can wear every day with every outfit on the trip so that there doesn’t have to be much taking on and off and storing away and forgetting where I put that ring… For a while now I have been more into gold than silver, so for this trip I will just pack the gold necklaces that I wear everyday, a few gold rings, and one pair of earrings. We are keeping it simple.
e. Lastly, make-up and toiletries. Pack the basics, don’t forget your moisturizer/face wash, and communicate with your family or friends who you are traveling with so that only one of you has to lug the hairdryer.

What are you packing for your fall travels?




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