My Fall Dinner Party

Hosting a fall dinner party is something that has been on my bucket list for a long time. It might sound silly as a bucket list item, especially when listed below the common bucket listers, i.e. traveling somewhere far away or jumping out of a plane. However, it was on my list because I love bringing people together and putting my event background into some use (I went to college for event planning for those who do not know).


So, how does one host a fall dinner party? It’s actually quite easy! I would say the number one tip would be to plan ahead! Luckily, I am a planner naturally, and started planning aspects of this party before I was even sure that the party would actually take place. Daydreaming and list making are my forte.

I knew that I wanted the intimate get together to be fall-themed, but I wanted to keep the color scheme and overall theme neutral rather than the usual go-to fall colors. This idea helped in my planning process because I was able to narrow down a lot of the decor based on the neutral aesthetic I was going for.


The next big tip I would suggest when planning a dinner party, or any event for that matter, is to hone in on your DIY skills as much as possible, and only splurge on new items that you think will really make a difference. On that note, I would also try to use things that you already have rather than buying all new items for a one-time get together. There is no need to go out and buy a whole new set of plates and silverware to match your theme for one night. Play around with what you have, and what your family members have, to work with your theme. Like I said, a few items may be worth the splurge to tie it all together or to use as a stand out piece, but otherwise be nice to your budget and use what you already have!

For example, I already had these brown rattan chargers, and I begged and borrowed from my grandma for her white plates and gold silverware. I reinvented the white napkins I already had on hand and did a little DIY tie-dye project on these puppies to make them like new again.


I used two plastic folding tables and put them together with a large white tablecloth over them and ran a large burlap ribbon down the middle of the table. For the seating, I used two long benches on each long side of the table and two white chairs on the short end for additional seating. I already owned the chairs and benches, but you can also rent or buy these items for a pretty cheap price for a short event!


The rest of the decor was mainly pumpkins and florals, so I took a nice trip to the pumpkin patch and to Trader Joe’s to scavenge for the perfect pieces and arranged them in the center of the table for an elongated centerpiece.



Want a sneak peak of what I served? Keep scrolling to the bottom of the post to get an inside look on the menu for the night and for a taste of what we sipped on.


I wanted to keep the menu easy, tasty, but still filling. I also knew that some of my guests were vegetarian, so the menu needed to be friendly for all guests. Take a look at the menu below! As people arrived I also served my famous brie recipe and threw together a small meat and cheese board to snack on while we waited for everyone to arrive!

Dinner Party Menu

I loved hosting this get-together and I love all my girlfriends that attended! I hope my fall dinner party inspires you to bring your loved ones together and host them for a night of fall food and festivities. This will definitely turn into a new tradition for me, and my first one is officially in the books! Have you hosted a fall dinner party before? Tell me your tips in the comments below! Happy hosting!


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