Savor Somethin’… Spicy Citrus Tilapia

Let me start this post off by documenting that I am usually not a seafood person! I will occasionally have a pleasant encounter with a shrimp or two, or a light bite of salmon (if I know it is fresh, as in I saw the person catch it earlier that day), but that is usually as far as my seafood palette goes. I think the textures or fishiness throw me off too much! However, lately I had a craving for a light and fresh fish meal, so I decided to dive in (pun intended) and try out a little somethin’ somethin’.


I decided to go with a white fish, they typically tend to be lighter in taste and also flake really easily. So tilapia was the winner winner for this fish dinner. I chose to get my fish from The Fresh Market (like I said, I am very particular about my fish being fresh and I figured buying it from a Fresh Market or Whole Foods type of store would be my best bet). Other than the fish as the main star of the dish, there are only a few other ingredients you need to whip this meal together. Usually when I am looking for new recipes, I always aim for recipes that don’t call for a million different ingredients. We’re not trying to get too complicated over here, we’re just aiming for tastiness.

So here are the other ingredients you will need… the fish as mentioned previously, quinoa, corn, limes, paprika, chili powder, onion powder, garlic powder, sour cream, and siracha (if you can handle the heat).


Let’s get to cooking!
Step 1.) Start by cooking your quinoa. I make it easy and buy the “boil in bag” packets of quinoa. The serving size is already portioned out for you and all you have to do is drop the bag in some boiling water! Be sure to salt your water heavily so your quinoa can absorb some flavor.
Step 2.) While your quinoa is cooking, season your tilapia using salt & pepper (always), paprika, and chili powder. Not only are these spices tasty but they also make your fish look super vibrant and pretty!
Step 3.) Sear your fish in a pan with a healthy amount of olive oil. I cooked my fish for about two to three minutes on each side, but this really depends on the size of your fish and how thick it is. It is easiest to use a pan with higher walls if you have one. The oil tends to squirt out when the temperature gets high.
Step 4.) Once cooked through, remove your fish from the heat and set aside.
Step 5.) Drain your quinoa from the water and add in the corn. I used a whole small can of corn for this recipe.
Step 6.) Season your quinoa and corn with garlic powder, onion powder, and salt to taste. Then squeeze a lime into the mixture. I used the juice of a whole lime, and then on my personal portion squeezed probably another half. This is just based on preference.
Step 7.) To serve, place a scoop of the quinoa and corn mixture onto your plate, and top it with a piece of fish. On top of the fish, place a scoop of sour cream and drizzle with siracha sauce. Add a wedge of lime on the side and there you have it!
Step 8.) Indulge!



Let me know what you guys think of this recipe! Also, if you have any seafood dishes that I should be brave enough to try!

Also, when I posted this on social media, I got a lot of questions about where I got my plates and silverware from. You guys, you will never guess where both of these items are from. Get ready for this… the plates are from WALMART! The matte gold silverware is from TARGET! I know, hidden secrets that need to be shared. I believe the plates were a whopping $2.50 each (they are plastic) and the silverware was somewhere around $2 each. These are also recent purchases, meaning they are probably still available at your Walmart and Target stores. Both of these items add just a little more lux to your kitchen. Happy shopping!


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