My Fall Wardrobe Starter-Kit: Seven staples to start me off

1. Off-The-Shoulder Duster

This top makes an outfit so sleek with minimal effort. Perfect coverage for the fall season with long sleeves and a drop waist while still showing skin at the collarbone and shoulders. I personally see myself pairing this with high waisted jeans and black Gucci loafers, or similar to how it is styled in the image above with chinos or cargo pants.

2. Asymmetric Top


You can’t go wrong with a crisp white structured top, and I love the extra detailing on the wrists with the unattached cuffs and oversized button. I also love how the drawstring waist pulls in a sporty vibe. Since the top is a bit baggier, I would pair this with fitted bottoms to keep the proportions right!

3. Printed High Heel Ankle Boots


Talk about a Balenciaga knife boot look alike! I am dying to get my hands on these boots (or feet rather)! Shop similar options here and here.

4. Utility Jumpsuit


Chic, easy, timeless, paired with white sneaks. Ready to go in five minutes.

5. Structured Pouch 


This seems to be the new clutch trend for Fall ’17. I have seen this pouch carried in streetsyle fashion everywhere. Excited for this little babe to sit snug on my arm for the upcoming season.

6. High Waisted Striped Ruffle Mini Skirt


Flirty, fun, a basic that still draws attention. Such an eye pleaser.

7. High-rise Skinny Jeans


One can never own enough pairs of jeans. Personal opinion but personally I believe this is stated somewhere in the bible (lol, not really, but it should be because I live by this  motto!) This new brand is putting their honest and green techniques out there and exemplifying genuine care into the making of their products.

This is just the start of my fall wardrobe to get the party started. Still a little sad to see summer go but these few staple fall pieces are putting my fall feels into place! What’s in your fall wardrobe starter-kit?

P.S. Each number is a clickable link that will forward you straight to the shopping site! Happy shopping!



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