Succulents for Mom

The time has come, the weekend in May when all Mother’s should be spoiled in return for all of the kindness and love they show to us day in and day out. I love celebrating Mother’s day and giving my mom a little extra TLC that is much deserved and always overdue. I decided that this year I wanted to gift my mom a sweet little potted succulent amongst a few other items I knew she would love and cherish. I wanted the succulent to be potted in a white distressed planter, however I wanted to do the distressing myself! You can find a pretty planter anywhere nowadays, but I wanted to make this present a DIY project to make it a bit more personal and a little more special. The finished product turned out so perfect, but only because of the imperfections in the distressing! Follow along below for a step-by-step tutorial on painting and potting the perfect succulent.

Step 1: Go on the hunt for some succulents that don’t suck. I went to Home Depot and brought home two different types of succulents. You can find small plants/succulents at several places, Home Depot, Walmart’s garden section, Whole Foods, your local Farmer’s Market, just to name a few. They usually range from $2 to $5.


Step 2: While you are out, pick up a plain terra-cotta pot to replant the plant in. Don’t forget to purchase the dish along with the pot, this will catch any drainage when the plant is being watered. You will also need white paint and a rough paint brush if you do not already have these items on stock at home.


Step 3: Lay out old newspaper or craft paper to keep the mess to a minimum. Once you have all of your supplies ready it is time to get to paintin’!


Step 4: Start by painting the round dish that your pot will sit on first.

Step 5: Then paint the inner rim of the pot next. You only have to go about 1/3 to 1/2 of the way down since the soil will be covering the rest.


Step 6: Move along to the outer portion of the pot and start distressing! I recommend using a rougher paint brush so that your strokes do not look too perfect. The key is for the finished product to look perfectly imperfect, roughed up around the edges to give it a bit of a vintage vibe. Let some of the natural terra-cotta color peek through to keep it a bit earthy.

Tip: Try to stroke the paintbrush in the same direction when painting the pot so that the lines still look clean even though we are trying to give it a roughed-up look. For example, paint the whole pot with horizontal strokes instead of mixing horizontal and vertical motions.


Step 7: Let your pot and dish sit until thoroughly dry.

Step 8: Once your paint has dried you can move on to planting that sucker. Remove the succulent from the temporary planter and place it in the new and improved clay planter. Careful! Some succulents have spikey edges that you do not want to become friends with.

Step 9: Admire the perfectly imperfect gift that you planted with love. Your mom or loved one will be sure to cherish this for a long time! Succulents are a bit hard to kill off, lol.


This DIY is also a great gift for other occasions as well. As I mentioned before, I bought two succulents because I am planning to give one to my cousin as a house warming gift!


Happy planting and happy Mother’s Day!

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