Savor Somethin… Ice Cream Sandwiches: Easter Edition

Happy Easter everyone! Easter is one of my favorite holidays, spending Sunday celebrating our Savior and ringing in Spring. I always love to celebrate holidays by baking something fun to go along with the celebration. Follow along below to find out eggsactly how to make Easter Egg Ice Cream Sandwiches!


First, look on Pinterest or in your favorite cook book to find a sugar cookie recipe that speaks to you. The types that speak to me are easy with minimal ingredients. Any sugar cookie recipe will work! Once you have your dough formed, roll or press it out onto a floured surface so that you can cut shapes out of it.


Cut egg-shaped ovals out of the dough, or make it real easy and buy an egg-shaped cookie cutter to do the job for you. Once you have run out of space, roll the dough back up and start over by rolling out another flat circle and cut out as many more ovals as possible. make sure you have an even number of eggs so that you can form ice cream sandwiches later!


Take your egg-shaped cookie cutouts and place them on a non-stick sheet pan to bake for about 10 minutes in a 375 degree oven.


Let the cookies cool and set for about 15 minutes while your ice cream is sitting out in the meantime until it is soft enough to scoop.


Pick a few pastel colored ice cream flavors to go along with the Easter theme! I picked a rainbow sherbet and a mint chocolate chip flavor. A fun raspberry or strawberry flavor would work perfect as well!

Scoop about one and a half spoon full’s of ice cream onto the flat (bottom) side of a cookie and smoosh the ice cream down with another egg shaped cookie to make the sandwich.


Repeat this step until you have no cookies left and you are set! Your pastel colored egg-shaped ice cream sandwiches are ready to go back into the freezer to set until you are ready to serve later on!


I love how the sherbet flavor gives the ice cream sandwiches a tie-dye look! (I have always been a tie-dye lover) Try this Easter dessert for your festivities later on and let me know how they turn out!

What you will need:
Your Favorite Sugar Cookie Recipe + Ingredients
Assortment of Ice Cream Flavors (preferably pastel colors)

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