Savor Somethin’… Iced Chai Latte

I have to admit, I am not a coffee drinker! Nine times out of ten I get weird stares from people when I say that, but its true! I’ve never been one to wake up in the mornings and start my day with coffee or cling to a cup of coffee mid day to pull me through. I don’t crave it and it just doesn’t do much for me. However, I do like the idea of having a go-to drink every couple days to get my morning kick-started and have something in hand while on the go. That drink for many people is coffee, but for me it is an iced chai latte!


Some of you may be thinking, “What is chai?” just as I did when I first tried it a while back. Chai is a flavor of tea that comes from brewing black tea with a combination of spices and herbs, such as cinnamon, ginger, and cardamom.
Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 7.23.31 PMThere are several different types and flavors that you can purchase from your local grocery store or market. I have even stocked up on some from TJ Maxx before! I am a lover of all things Pumpkin Spice so I am currently guzzling through a Pumpkin Spice flavored carton of Chai, even though it is April and 80 degrees outside, lol! Hey, no judgement here, grab whatever flavor suits you and get to sippin!


Let’s get down to the details, keep scrolling to see exactly what you will need to whip up this little a.m. cocktail.



Chai (your flavor of choice)
Unsweet Almond Milk (or any milk/milk substitute your prefer)

Part of why I love this concoction is because it is so quick to mix together before you head out to start the day. Mix two things together and you are good to go, no adding sugar or creamer or honey, none of that goin’ on here!

This recipe isn’t too strict, just mix it to taste. I personally tend to pour equal amounts of chai with equal amounts of almond milk for my perfect balance, but if you want a stronger chai flavor then you just pour 2/3 chai into 1/3 almond milk! You can also have this as a hot drink if you like to indulge in something warm in the mornings!



I love these cocktail napkins I picked up from Peace Love World a while back! I stocked up on a few different prints and pull them out whenever I serve up something fun with friends and family. I never mind having a some Peace Love World around!

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

I hope you guys enjoy this simple latte recipe! What are some of your favorite coffee substitutes? Share with me by commenting below!

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