Savor Somethin…Spicy Cauliflower Lettuce Wraps

This weekend I was in the mood for a light dinner and wanted to use up some groceries I had in the fridge before they went bad. After pulling some things together, this super easy and super flavorful little course came together in less than ten minutes! Let me start out by saying this recipe does not call for anything homemade! That’s right, the secret is out, but you could definitely make everything from scratch if you had the time and ingredients and it would still be a “no-fuss” recipe.

The other week while I was browsing through the chilly isles of the grocery store I stumbled upon frozen buffalo cauliflower! Huge score! I was in this section to pick up some cauliflower “rice”, a new favorite for me. Anyways back to the point, I figured I would try out the buffalo cauliflower even though I am not a huge fan of frozen foods.

I finally got the chance to give this item a try this weekend and will definitely be buying again! I decided I wanted to try them out with a lettuce wraps recipe so I gave it a go.


I simply peeled back and cleaned some iceberg lettuce for the “cup” to hold the rest of the ingredients. Think taco shell but less bread and more crisp. You could also just use romain lettuce and use it as a boat for the rest of the goodies.

In the lettuce cup I put brown rice (instant brown rice because your girl does not have the patience to sit and wait for rice to cook through) and the steamed buffalo cauliflower. I also sprinkled some bleu cheese on top to play off of the buffalo sauce. This recipe is literally four ingredients! How much easier can it get? I added some siracha sauce as a topper because I have an unhealthy obsession with that stuff. You name it and I probably put siracha on it.

These buffalo cauliflower lettuce wraps scored a big thumbs up in my book considering how quick, healthy, and flavorful they were. I will definitely be making these again as soon as possible! However, next time around I will probably cook my cauliflower a little bit differently. Steaming it from the bag as the directions instructed worked great, but sometimes I like a little bit of char on my vegetables. After steaming I might recommend throwing them in a quick stir fry pan to get some crispiness on the edges for some extra texture and flavor.


What you’ll need:
Lettuce (Ice Burg or Romain will work perfectly)
Buffalo Cauliflower (buy pre-made/frozen or make it yourself!)
Crumbled Blue Cheese
Brown Rice

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