What I Want: Neutral Necessities


Gucci Dionysus Suede Shoulder Bag : The next plunge I take will be on this baby. It goes with everything, has a timeless design, Gucci is street style gold right now, and the snakehead detail gives my inner rocker chic life. Need I say more? Didn’t think so.

Silicone Apple iPhone 7+ Case in Cocoa : I get so tired of bright printed phone cases and they always end up wearing off! I love the sleek and simple design of this one. The word silicone may throw you off, it did for me! It sounds like it would be a rubber-like case but it is actually a hard case with a soft silicone lining. I recently upgraded to an iPhone 7+ and bought this case right away. I’m in tech-love.

NARS Body Glow : Glow year round with this magic potion. Let your inner goddess shine.

Aesop Hand Wash : This new-ish brand is based in Los Angeles and recently opened up a store down here in Miami. If you go to the store, you can test their products at their in-store sink before purchasing to see which ones you are really drawn to. Beware, you may be stuck at this sink for hours on end. Their products are addicting. Besides what is actually inside of the bottle, the outside of the bottle makes my aesthetically pleasing dreams come true. This design adds luxury to any and all bathrooms.

GG Marmont Card Case : Again, Gucci. The perfect card carry-all. The gold double G logo is so iconic right now. Buy this now, keep it forever. Staple alert.

Who What Wear X Target Velvet Trousers : Velvet, sweat pant silhouette, and tassel strings, yes please! I’ll be living in these for the next few winter months. These are perfect dressed up for cocktail parties, or dressed down for travel, or couch surfing, or anytime really.

Essie Marshmallow : If you really know me, you know that I will be buried in my grave with this color painted on my nails when I die. I am so serious. This is my all time favorite nail color! It is the perfect shade of white without it looking like you painted white-out on your nails. The name describes it all, it is so marshmallow-y white. You can purchase this color at any drug store!

Wet Seal Black Mules : Wet Seal? You read it right. I came across these on a whim and was so glad I ended up stumbling upon them. The infamous Gucci mules are so in right now, and worn by street style stars everywhere. Now you can wear them too without burning a hole in your wallet like this girl did (insert sweaty palms here). In all honesty, I am so happy I purchased the Gucci Princetown Slippers, I split them with my boyfriend for last years’ birthday present. But if you aren’t trying to splurge on any big purchases right now, then I would jump on these babies. I love the gold hardware and slipper shape of the shoe.



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