Steamboat Springs Street Style


It has been snowing every day since we landed here in Steamboat Springs, Colorado! The weather is such a treat and the perfect skiing conditions with all of this fresh powder. Picture living in a life size snow globe, that’s how picturesque it is here. But snow means layers, and layers are not a south Florida girls forté. Luckily, I packed plenty of layers to bundle up and keep warm while exploring the downtown area and during our other downtime activities here while we are not skiing.

This little number was super easy and super warm. I wore this while roaming the downtown shopping area with my family and sipping a spiked hot chocolate to keep my insides warm too haha.

Disclaimer: I wore two long sleeves underneath the knit pullover, and a thin pair of leggings under the jeans. There is nothing worse than being cold for me!


I already had some of these items in my closet from the last couple seasons, like the oversized knit turtleneck and the mid-length puffer coat, and some I received for Christmas! I packed a lot of neutral jackets and coats so I could just switch them around with a few different jeans and trousers to keep packing to a minimum (weight limits on suitcases while traveling is a depressing rule).


Luckily, I have a super stylish grandma who pulled this vintage Chanel scarf out of her closet recently because she was no longer using it. I snatched that baby quicker than a blink of an eye and I lovvveeeeee it. I made sure to pack it specifically for this trip, but a scarf like this is so lightweight that you could use it year-round. Tie it around the strap of your purse or around your wrist for an extra accessory during the hotter summer months when you don’t necessarily want something wrapped around your neck.


You can shop some of these pieces here!


P.S. This is the view from our balcony! We’ve been using that heated pool every afternoon after we get back from skiing! Word from the wise, do not try to make a run for it in just your bikini and flip flops from the third floor down to the pool while it is snowing. You. will. freeze. 🙂


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