What I Want: Holiday Travel Must-Haves



shop-travel-day-itemsMules | Joggers | Turtleneck | Headphones | Duffle Bag 

Comfort is always key when traveling! But comfort doesn’t always mean you have to look like you just rolled out of bed! I love combining leisure clothes with something slightly more upscale to balance the outfit. You can roll right out of bed in these pants, but by pairing them with these leather mules, and a more structured top, you have a more put together look. As for a travel bag, I am obsessed with the Louis Vuitton Duffle bag. I purchased one last Christmas and use it so often! I am all for investing in a nice travel bag, but make sure it is a carry-on bag, rather than a bag you would likely check. When you check a bag you never know how it will be treated behind the scenes (could be dragged across the ground, scratched and scuffed on accident, or even stolen!). And of course, in flight entertainment is a must, unless you want to stare at the man’s head in front of you for hours on end. These headphones add a bit of glitz. Per usual, all of these items are shoppable by clicking the bolded, linked words below “Shop Travel Day Items”.

shop-play-itemsFaux Fur Jacket | Bag | Boots | Faux Fur Neck Wrap | Top | Jeans

This outfit combo works great for the days of your vacation when you know you will be sight seeing, shopping, getting to know the town, going out to lunch or dinner, or basically moving and shaking of any kind. For winter traveling it is important to layer up! I love this pajama-esque blouse paired under a teddy bear sweater. The monochromatic color scheme keeps it simple but the details in the pieces keep it interesting, like the dyed pocket squares on the jeans, the black piping on the shirt, and the playful fur (faux of course!) on the jacket. To help keep the wind chill to a minimum it is best to cover your wrists, ankles, and neck (fun fact). This ever-chic black neck funnel takes the accessory game to a new level of lux. Ugg boots will also always do the trick when trying to keep warm on the lower half of your body. Last but not least, I stumbled upon this AMAZING Tory Burch Sport handbag. The shape makes this bag anything but ordinary (and roomy!), but better yet, this bag is made out of NEOPRENE material! Think: mini scuba suit. Neoprene is perfect when you are in a snowy spot on the map, leather or cloth is not so water-friendly. Shop all of these babies above.

shop-play-items-2Booties | Mules | Bag | Faux Fur Jacket | Slip Dress 

If you are spending your holidays on the road, you will most likely need a more dressed up outfit or two for holiday gatherings, Christmas Eve parties, or New Years celebrations. You will want something festive but not an outfit comprising of a million pieces that will take up room in your suit case. This classic black slip dress can take on any celebratory occasion. The silky material makes you shine without wearing a heavy dress stitched with sequins and stones. This dress will also fold up super slim in your suitcase! To spare even more room in your travel bag, reuse/re-wear your fur jacket! No one will notice that you have already worn it because it is being paired with such a different outfit combo! The dress dresses it up, and to make it even fancier simply drape the jacket over your shoulders without actually putting your arms through the sleeves (style-hack!). The jacket isn’t the only thing you can re-wear, add the black Tory bag from before and the mules you wore on the plane/train/car ride over. If you want a little more elevation on your feet, pack a pair of metallic booties. Booties will keep your toes warm while the metallic colour will keep up with your festive theme.

shop-play-items-3Night Mask | Pajama Jumper | Boots | Bath Travel Set 

To wake up replenished and ready to go you need to get a good night’s sleep. To get a good night’s sleep you need to have these essentials above! A cozy pair of pajamas other than your oversized shirt and underwear your sleep in every other night (don’t deny it!). But in reality, when you are traveling you are most likely sharing living space/a hotel room with a few other people. Pack some pj’s that you wouldn’t be embarrassed to be seen in. Keep your feet warm around your hotel room or winter cabin with the ugg boots you already packed, and keep your eyes rested with this silk sleep mask (you never know if there will be any weird/unnecessary lighting in the room you are staying in). Last but definitely not least, a quality shampoo, conditioner, and body wash travel set is a must. Hate to break it to you, but the sample size shower soaps that hotels provide just do not cut it (I still manage to steal a few each time I stay at a hotel though, LOL, it’s for the thrill). This Aesop jet set travel pack will keep your hair and skin moisturized while in unfamiliar territory.

If you have been following my blog you know that I have been thinking about starting a “What I Want” feature every so often to display what I have my eye on at the moment. I am happy to announce that this is the first What I Want post and can’t wait to create more posts like this in the future. Each one will be different, regarding different topics or occasions depending on the season, month, holiday, occasion, etc.! Thanks for following along with me!

I hope these outfit combos and travel essentials inspire you in your upcoming ventures! To shop any of these items, click the coordinated link under the specified “Shop” tabs and it will redirect you to your item. Where are you guys traveling to this holiday season? Share with me by commenting below!

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