Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffer Edition


  1. Calvin Klein Logo PJ Pants: Lets face it, anything with the Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, or Adidas logo on it is ON TREND! These pants have a tiny star pattern on them, are loose fit, and tapered at the ankle (sort of like a jogger pant). Let her open one stocking stuffer early and wear these to bed Christmas Eve! ($36 during Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales, don’t miss it!) $48
  2. Go To Glow Blush & Illuminate Set: Bobbi Brown is a makeup bag staple and dewy skin is a must. This set will surely be put to good use. $36
  3. Levi White Logo Tee: The brand, the shirt, the price, you literally can’t go wrong here. This logo tee will add to her cool girl uniform making her look seem effortless and timeless. (This tee is 40% off for Cyber Monday, act quick!) $19
  4. Fishnet Ankle Socks: These fishnet socks from ASOS are popping up in street style everywhere! She can pair them under her favorite heels for the holidays or let them show above her booties for an extra kick. $4.50
  5. Neutrogena Make-Up Remover Cleansing Towelettes: These babies are the real deal, she will appreciate these more than any man can understand. Every girl can use an extra pack of these bad boys. $6.99
  6. Peppermint Essential Oil: Essential oils are useful in more ways than you think! Put this in her stocking (or any essential oil for that matter) for some instant relaxation after a long day or a hot shower. These oils are heaven sent. $6
  7. Rose Gold Stainless Steel Water Bottle: Hydrate without wasting plastic water bottles! This tervis-like water bottle will follow her to the gym, to run errands, on her morning walk, throughout the work day or classes, all while keeping her chicer than ever. (P.S.  You can often find this brand and similar ones at TJ Maxx for a lower price, sh!) $25



  1. Carry-On Cocktail Kit: Mid-flight, mid-road trip, mid-meet the parents, this kit will really come in handy for your guy. The sleek kit comes with syrup to make a moscow mule on the go, coaster and all. (A similar one for girls can also be found here) $24
  2. 3 Pack ESPN Golf Balls: Buy your man some golf balls with his favorite team’s logo on them. Help him to represent while spitting game out on the course. $10
  3. Yeti Tumbler: These tumblers seriously keep drinks at the desired temperature for long durations of time! They come in all different sizes, find the one that suits him best! $30
  4. Calvin Klein 3-Pack Boxer Briefs: Let’s be honest, everyone can use a few more pairs of underwear, especially classic Calvin’s. Plus, he may be able to go a few extra days without having to do laundry, LOL. (These are on sale right now for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, for $25, get ’em while they’re hot) (P.S. You can often find these at TJ Maxx for a lower price, sh!) $42
  5. Adidas Knit Beanie: Perfect for the colder months creeping up on us! $25
  6. Mahogany Teakwood Scented Candle: Every man cave can use a mandle (man candle)! I love the Mahogany Teakwood scent from Bath & Body Works, but any manly scent will work to freshen up his space a bit while keeping it musky and manly, just the way he likes it. Currently on sale right now for $12.50 instead of $22.50.

To shop this gift guide, simply click on the colored, bolded links and they will direct you straight to the product.

What do you like to leave in your loved ones’ stocking!? Share with me in the comments below!

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