Coveted Couture: Chanel Slingback Dupes


In a land of dreams and possibilities (and ca$h) do these coveted Chanel shoes dwell. Unfortunately they do not dwell in my closet, although the idea of them lives in my head. Right on shelf #2, just kidding. But in the land of here & now these shoes are hard for a gal to get her claws on. But not for long! For I have found the land of dupes that will keep my heart pitter pattering for when this chic style hits the soles of my feet.

But really, Chanel is out of many of our leagues, but that doesn’t mean the iconic styles and designs can’t be snug on our freshly painted toes. The two-toned Chanel slingback is everything posh, proper, chic, and classic, although we might once have pinned it as a “grandma” shoe. If this shoe is grandma, then I wish to be the oldest Grandma on the block.

Here are some budget friendly options that are Chanel-inspired and are ready to hit the streets…


Two-Tone Slingback Pumps // Loéil // $68


Liah Slingback Block-Heel Pumps // Ivanka Trump // $125



Mid-Heel Shoes with Contrasting Toe Cap // Zara // $39.90
(These add a different variety to the style, keeping the two-toned cap-toe but straying away from the slingback.)


JEWEL Toecap MaryJanes // Topshop // $110


KISS-ME Ballet Sling Back Shoes // Topshop // $85


Slingback Flats in Satin // J. Crew // $99

Sometimes I do prefer to stay away from dupes or “designer inspired” pieces, depending on how popular the item is, how big the brand is, or how detailed the piece is. Most often than not, you will not get the best quality. Plus, you don’t want to look like a poser (to be straight forward).

I say, if it is timeless, invest. If it is a trend or fad, it may be okay to look into finding a similar style for a much lower price. Chanel is not a trend or fad, but this style shoe, like I said before, goes in and out of being too “Grandma-ish” or not. So play with the style while you can without ripping a whole in your wallet!

Image borrowed from Instagram.



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