Cacti Pumpkins



Does your pumpkin carving game need a facelift? Mine did too. So this October I decided to go a totally different route with one of my favorite traditions of the season, and we are headed to the desert, with CACTI PUMPKINS!

I love cacti and succulents of all kind, on any given day you can find a few on my desk or on my bed side table, my past roommates can attest to this. So I thought, why not convert my pumpkin into a prick for the season!?

This DIY is super easy, and doesn’t even require carving! No fuss, no mess, and limited materials. Here is what you will need to make this cactus pumpkin…


Pumpkin (of course) (shoot for a longer, taller shaped pumpkin)
A few gourds that are curved so that they look like a cactus arm


Simply insert the sharp side of the skewer into the pumpkin at the place where you would like the arm to start. Then take that skewer back out and insert the sharp side into the gourd. Then slide the skewer back into the pumpkin until you can no longer see the skewer and it looks like the gourd is attached.

Go through the same process on the opposite side of the pumpkin, placing this arm at an opposite height as the other. You want one to be high and one to be lower.

I also got a smaller, colorful gourd that resembled a flower to place on top of one of the arms. I cut off the longer part of this gourd so that the rounder, flower-like part could sit on the top of the arm. I stuck this on top of the gourd with the same process as I used to insert the gourd into the side of the pumpkin. Simply skewer it onto there.



And that’s all she wrote! Its that simple, your pumpkin is now a cactus. You can leave it simple like this or even draw some “v’s” onto the body of the pumpkin so that they appear as needles on a cactus. To get even fancier, do the same thing but with toothpicks to make some 3D pricks.


How are you styling your pumpkins this October? Share with me in the comments below!

Outfit Details
Off The Shoulder Top // old but similar here 
Light-wash Ripped Overalls // Target 
Necklaces // Something About Sophia and Kendra Scott 

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