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Throughout the year I find myself going back and forth between being enthralled in a few books or not interested in picking up a book at all. I guess you could say that I am not really into books unless there is one that 1.) I can truly relate to, 2.) Seems too good to not pick up, or 3.) I know/like the author and am interested in seeing what they put down on paper.

Right now I am in the enthralled stage, and not just in one book, in two! I am able to flip through both of them at the same time because they are on polar opposite topics and are very different types of books.

You can currently find me nose down in either Shoe Dog or Capture Your Style.


Shoe Dog written by Phil Knight
Capture Your Style written by Aimee Song 


Aimee Song is a major blogger for those who are not familiar with her name. I loved that she went out on a limb and created another way to connect with people through writing this book. Capture Your Style is basically a guidebook on how to up your social media game and is filled with detailed how to’s on capturing life’s daily moments. She really maps things out and gives great direction for people who are interested in this topic, like I am! You might call this the Social Media Bible or the Song of Style Textbook. It will definitely be staying on my book shelf for a while.

Shoe Dog is a memoir written by Phil Knight, who is the founder and creator of Nike. This read really hits me on an inspirational level. Phil Knight records the memories, lessons learned, and goals reached throughout the years of getting the then “Blue Ribbon” and now “Nike” on its feet. Covering travel, love, and, of course, shoes, this book is a tell-all that I can’t put down.

The Fall season is the perfect time to start a good book and curl up by the fire place (or still by the pool if you’re in Florida like me). What are you guys reading right now? Share with me in the comments below!


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